Vahid Dejwakh

Vahid Dejwakh

Software Engineer, Co-Creator of the Fjord Framework


I love to learn, understand, and connect. I’m a fan of systems–building them, fixing them, and thinking about how to make them work better for people.

I’ve gained insights from studying multiple types of systems, including different religions and philosophies, the law, and many examples from software engineering.

The Fjord Framework is my most recent accomplishment.

  • Fjord is an open-source platform that deploys a real-time API Proxy for Kafka.
  • Organizations can use Fjord to expose any Kafka topic to client-side streaming, whether via a browser or mobile device
  • Through Fjord's CLI, developers can easily deploy all the components you need to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to handle the streaming infrastructure
  • Components: Docker, AWS CDK, AWS ECS + Fargate, Server-sent events (SSE), Kafkajs, Express.js, Redis Server, AWS Application Load Balancer, NAT Gateways

In addition to building software to solve problems, I enjoy: writing, teaching, poetry, hiking, coffee, reggae, soccer, tennis, board games, camp fires, good conversations, and generally any time spent in good company.

Ain’t that what life’s about anyway?


  • Software Engineering
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Philosophy and Psychology
  • Business Development
  • Public Policy and Economics


  • Software Engineering (MBL)

    Launch School

  • Juris Doctor & Public Policy (JD/MPP)

    College of William & Mary

  • Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, Barrett Honors College

    Arizona State University

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