by Vahid Dejwakh

Pulsating rhythmical beats from a cage where meet
Ephemeral feet and eternal feats,
My soul took flight on that solitary night
When Siddhartha’s story by Herman Hesse
I came across, while on the wings—of an albatross

Never before had I questioned more
What beyond my understanding’s door
Could lead me at that moment and forevermore—
Towards new discoveries, towards another shore

Decisively forsaking my self-complacency in the making,
I, undertaking a quest similar to the novel’s best,
Stepped beyond my limited nest to test the wavy wild seas
And experience uncertainty as majestically as ease

Never settling down long enough to be planted,
And rethinking the truths I had always taken for granted,
My life has since steered across uncounted, uncharted rivers—
Some tragic, some ecstatic, but all filled with indissoluble magic.

Vahid Dejwakh
Vahid Dejwakh
Software Engineer at Microsoft;
Co-Creator of the Fjord Framework

Vahid writes about interesting ideas at the intersection of software, system design, data, philosophy, psychology, policy, and business. He enjoys coffee and has a palate for spicy and diverse foods.