Fjord Framework

My team and I are building the Fjord Framework, an open-source framework that deploys an API Proxy to enable client-side streaming from Kafka.

We’re building this as participants in Launch School’s Capstone phase.

The Capstone project experience is modeled after a Master’s thesis. Participants dive deeply into a narrow software engineering research problem domain as a team, and develop a unique solution tailored to the problem.

The Project:

  • Participants digest multiple frameworks, patterns, and system design approaches through a purposeful analysis of books, whitepapers, published presentations, lectures, and discussions. Many even reach out to subject matter experts in the domain.
  • The goal is to review all pertinent literature in a domain so that at the end of the process, Capstone participants themselves become subject matter experts in that domain.
  • Every team produces open source software that benefits the entire community of software engineers.


  • Size: Capstone teams each have about three or four participants, all graduates of Launch School’s Core program.
  • Mentorship: each team has access to their own exclusive Project Mentor, a Capstone alumni now working as a senior software engineer, who provides industry-specfic feedback.
Vahid Dejwakh
Vahid Dejwakh
Software Engineer, Co-Creator of the Fjord Framework

Vahid writes about interesting ideas at the intersection of software, system design, data, philosophy, psychology, policy, and business. He enjoys coffee and has a palate for spicy and diverse foods.

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