Introducing the Fjord Framework

A real-time API Proxy that enables client-side streaming from Kafka

Many of you know that my team and I have been working hard for the last couple months on a new open source framework to enable client-side streaming from Kafka. I’m excited to announce that it’s ready!

Introducing Fjord, a real-time API Proxy for Kafka.

Thanks to Fjord, your organization can quickly deploy all the infrastructure you need to open up any Kafka topic to client-side streaming. As far as we know, Fjord is the only open source framework that contains every piece you need to do this.

Here’s a ten minute overview of Fjord:

We have published the code on Github and built a CLI that is downloadable as an NPM package, so it’s ready for use.

We’ve also put together a case study explaining in detail not just who might use Fjord and why, but also the decisions we made along the way and why Fjord has the components that it does.

This is available here:

Vahid Dejwakh
Vahid Dejwakh
Software Engineer at Microsoft;
Co-Creator of the Fjord Framework

Vahid writes about interesting ideas at the intersection of software, system design, data, philosophy, psychology, policy, and business. He enjoys coffee and has a palate for spicy and diverse foods.

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